Sherlin Williams

Sherlin Williams was born on the Island Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, and educated at Grand Turk and Five Cays Turks & Caicos, the Bahamas and the United States; where he studied Photography at the New York Institute of Photography, graduating in 1971, and later studied to be a Photo-Technologist, (better known as a Camera Repairman) at National Camera, in Denver, Colorado, graduating in 1976.   As an ardent historian, Sherlin started creating collages from his vast collection of photographs accumulated over many years of the islands buildings, places and things- many of which no longer exist, to reflect the islands times, history and culture.   Sherlin named his Unique form of art, "Photocraph." Times of the Islands, the Islands leading Magazine, dubbed it "Intelligent Art" and described his new art form in its Fall 2011 issue: "each Photocraphs encompasses anywhere from dozens to hundreds of photographs, some modified many times, into thousands of individuals images, carefully "cut" "pasted" and placed into a computer file to form an original work of art" A single piece of his artwork, "The Mule Breeder" has 383 photographs, several of which were modified several times to form nearly 3,500 separate images, and took four months to complete.